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My Condition - Musiconia

2007-09-09 20:45:03 by NewWorldProductions

This info is put down for your prepairation, and information.

Musiconia is a uncureable disease that is almost like the victim is addicted to drugs, but instead it's music. Depending on the severity, you could:

Listens to music when given chance.
Can survive 3 days without it. (Withdrawl Sympoms: Mild Tempor.)

Becomes Impatient when not listening to music.
Can survive 1 day without music. (Wihdrawl Symptoms: Mild Mood swings, & Slight Fatigue.)

Begging for music.
Can survive 3 hours without music. (Withdrawl Symptoms: Headache, Fatigue, & Moderate Mood Swings.)

Will die for music.
If music stops for 1 second, victim will freak out.
Can Survive 1 hour without any form of musical sound whatsover. (Withdrawl Symptoms: Headache, Fatigue, Wild Mood Swings, Negative Adrenalin, Little Contol of Body, Anxiety, Hyperventilation, & Whining.)

A prevention sound is available - white noise works for anyone who has mild or no musiconia condition.

There is also Musiconia A, B, and C. C is transfered through genetics, while the others are transferred through sharing headphones, ear peices, or any kind of object used for the ears that is shared. C is always most severe, and least preventable. While A is cureable, B is not, and is rare. B is transferred through type M Pausite Blood, as well, B is almost completely unnoticeable by both the victim and anyone else.

So please, protect your family and yourself by listening to white or pink noise once a day.


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2007-09-09 21:10:25

This was rather thought out, eh?