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2007-10-08 20:19:06 by NewWorldProductions

I guess I'm just bored, usually by now I would've started some topics but, I'm out of ideas for things to do. Any suggestions?


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2007-10-08 23:11:03

talk about your sex life on the BBS. thats always interesting

NewWorldProductions responds:

Your Prize: Insta-Ban! Plus I would get banned...


2007-10-09 14:41:56

1. Create a flash inspired by one of my published 60 Word Stories. Go see my profile for info. Tom and I have plans for a competition based on them and two authors are already working on it.
2. Work on your Pluto series. Contact me if you want my support. It has potential.
3. Work on your TNW site.

NewWorldProductions responds:

Ty Ice