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A Pivot for Newgrounds

2007-11-12 17:07:02 by NewWorldProductions

I made this just recently, a random, but exciting battle of two stick figures with a twist. I'm using a different pivot style for this one, and if it's good enough, I might convert it into a flash...

I can't upload it onto NG so click here to see it.



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2007-11-12 18:01:55

fuck you AjStyles pivot is cool


2007-11-12 18:30:31

dude that was awesome.
is what i would have said if i was a 8 year old kid, however im not.
it was shit.


2007-11-12 19:12:04

I've spend a lot of spare time (or schooltime, in that year those two didn't have much of a difference) making pivot animations. It's a great way to practice, before goin flash, imo. Too bad I lost all the pivot files >.<


2007-11-12 20:26:21

That fucking sucked.


2007-11-12 20:27:09

Pivot sucks and even if you're talented you can't really make anything nice with it. Get TISFAT and give it a shot instead.


2007-11-12 22:31:44

seriously, pivot is really gay


2007-11-12 23:12:25

im am saying this for all the ppls for pivot and flash. first off flash is better but harder 2 use and some ppl cant get flash like me so i make pivots and we do it for fun not for glory like all you jackasses saying you cant make anything good outa pivot u idoits


2007-12-04 21:21:36

Sticks. 'Nuff said.

NewWorldProductions responds:

Banned. 'Nuff Said