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Give '07 Users a Break!

2007-11-16 22:17:33 by NewWorldProductions

Yeah, okay, I'm a '07 user, but I have had many accounts before (I lose passwords very easily). Anywho, some '07 users are more intelligent than your average '04 user (for many reasons). I have spent at least 3 month's worth of my time on newgrounds reading NG literature and Travelling old posts, I've gone to immence lengths to find the older Newgrounds layouts and sites for information!

So take it from me, '07 users (if they want to) can be just like the rest of us older, "more experienced" users.

: PS, I really was in older accounts (remember The-Flasha-2000 or gameandwatch_co? They were both older accounts of mine that were deleted due to innactivity (as I said I lose passwords REAL easily, I'll probably lose the password to this one soon.)


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