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Just Arrived In My New Home, Australia!

2007-11-19 15:41:34 by NewWorldProductions

"The Offer Was Enormous"

I have been given the chance of a lifetime to start training in Australia as a doctor! The offer was enormous, including the flight, a home (not full pay), and other essentials. I dont wanna spill the juicey info until later because I'm too busy unpacking and doing some future planning, but I'll still come on newgrounds, guys!

PS: My Family and I had to pay for alot of it, more then 10k. They were even able to hook my dad up with a temporary job while he tries to find something a little more suitable.


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2007-11-19 15:55:40

Good for you!


2007-12-04 20:25:01

Two grammar errors in five sentences. Work on that if you're (really) going to be a doctor.

NewWorldProductions responds:

well I got most of it down pact, including my hand writing (lol?)