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Not a good monday...

2007-12-10 18:48:17 by NewWorldProductions

We'll I'll explain

It was a normal school day, today our first class was gym. We were doing our normal exercises (20 Regular pushups, 10 "Hard" Pushups, playing position, and lungeing), and so we went through the pushups, the playing position, and when we were doing lunges, I started to feel nautious, so I asked my gym teacher if I could sit out. So I was walking to the bench, then suddenly everything went black, I heard weird sounds, and I saw flashing lights and funny colours. I open my eyes to find myself on the ground with everyone around me, and my gym teacher pretty much scared half to death. I passed out, so the principal calls my mom and an ambulence, and I spend 5 hours in a hospital room with an IV hooked up to me. Having doctors do small tests on my heart and brain. I'm okay now, but pretty much all of my classmates are worried about me, Im still waiting to get a call back from my girlfriend. And I haven't been back to school yet, so tomorrow's gonna be a pretty hecktic day.

Dont ask for pics cuz I dont have a camera anymore.


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2007-12-12 23:56:17

haha to you that your dad died.


2007-12-25 21:54:31

Normally I would feel bad for you but thats too fucked up not to laugh.