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NG Apocalypse '08

2008-01-01 15:44:49 by NewWorldProductions

Yes, it's new years day. And as I was browsing the topics made in the general forum, it happened, the post, that one post that almost killed me. Level 1, three posts in total, signup date: 2008. Right away I X'd out my browser and thought over things, then realising the lack of sleep and partying I had last night, I realised it was new years day, a great day for the world, but not for NG. Origionally being an '04 user, the new year on newgrounds means new unexperienced users that will be hated for the remainder of the year. I have one thing to say to all of you more experienced users: Run, hide, survive. This user was posting at the stereotypical standard.

Of course it could just be an alt trying to piss everyone off, but it's better to take percautions.

: sadly i was banned for clone posting in the "I Just Became Admin on.." thread for saying both just like
: everyone else.

NG Apocalypse '08


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2008-01-16 22:04:27

Hmmm, haven't seen too many actual 08ers yet. Well, see ya dude.