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Dan's Rant (Incomplete)

2008-02-04 21:38:47 by NewWorldProductions

Well alot of people rant about whatever, and I find it fun. Im not gonna start off with a rant but link to some good rants you might wanna check out. Im linking tothem because some of the facts and opinions shared in these rants are usually exactly like mine. These rants were filmed by Bite TV and shared by Jason Agnew. I would also suggest you see some of his other work if you like this. He is the narrator of a canadian show called 'Stars Gone Wild' on Much Music.

Okay, because of the site I cant give you the link. But you go to and click on 'Videos'. Then Go to the drop down menu provided and select 'Jay's Rants'

Now I'm sorry to all of the people expecting a rant but I seemed to have spent too much time trying to find these rants and I will start a rant tomorrow when I have gotten another veiw of our shitty world.


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