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NWP's Newest Short Film - Shuttle Mission

Posted by NewWorldProductions - July 26th, 2007

Inspired by a dream, this film will will be a blockbuster of the NG portal.

Shuttle Mission is the newest brainchild by NewWorldProductions, also being the first film to show off the new preloader.

Offline, a man named Thomas Fibbian (veiwer of many NG films,) spoke with NewWorldProductions Manager Mr. Dani Redd, about the new film. Below is the transcript of the "interweiw."

Tom: So, Dani Redd, can I call you Dani?
Dan: Dan is fine,
Tom: Ok, Dan, are there any new creations coming Newgrounds' way from you this year?
Dan: Funny you should ask, i just started working on a film a few weeks ago for Newgrounds, mostly to celebrate the new layout, and to put one of my ideas to the test,
Tom: Can you give us some specs on the film?
Dan: Sure, the name is Shuttle Mission, I will be using my brand new preloader in it, and the stage size is default, im using a new animation style, with only pre-built symbols and tweening.
Tom: Exciting, anything else?
Dan: Most NG veiwers will notice the space shuttle is different than the ones NASA has, for 2 main reasons: 1, Copyright, and 2, Choice of Differntiality. I couldn't name the shuttle Atlantis, Discovery, or Endevor because it is copyrighted by the the Jet Propulsion Laberatory of NASA. Secondly, me being a citizen of Canada, I want to theme my shuttle as if Canada had built it and were the ones launching them. So, on the wings, the name of the shuttle is Atlas, and the flag is the Canadian Flag.
Tom: Thank you for the interesting information on your newest film.
Dan: Always a pleasure Tom.

The reason this was not placed into the NG Alphas is because this was a real interveiw and the question criteria is different than the standard questions from the NG Mag.

NWP's Newest Short Film - Shuttle Mission

Comments (1)

Ummm, no offense, but it doesn't look, or sound like a "blockbuster" at all, and judging by that Poorly drawn Space shuttle you have thar, it's not going to have that great art, I recommend you practice a little bit more.

And I really don't think you have the right to have a "manager" or anything, I mean, you have a freehost website, and a horrible avatar and logo, and not to mention, flash. I mean, You're not even respected or anything, (I know that's a lame reason to not have a company) but how about waiting awhile, and submitting some good flash before putting a "productions" in your name and saying you have a manager, when all you have is a bad website, some guy, and productions slapped on the end of "New world"

Also, I don't think you can have a brain child when all your other work is horrible, get some respect man.

This reveiwer has been banned for lack of support, and for lies about beginner flash makers.