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SUMMARY OF MY LIFE Raised in Oakville, ON, Canada. Then I moved to glorious Toronto, then somehow landed a position in a medical campus (Highschool AND College) in Sydney, NSW, Australia. My life is carried in the winds... Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie!

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Posted by NewWorldProductions - November 12th, 2007

I made this just recently, a random, but exciting battle of two stick figures with a twist. I'm using a different pivot style for this one, and if it's good enough, I might convert it into a flash...

I can't upload it onto NG so click here to see it.


Posted by NewWorldProductions - October 8th, 2007

I guess I'm just bored, usually by now I would've started some topics but, I'm out of ideas for things to do. Any suggestions?

Posted by NewWorldProductions - September 9th, 2007

This info is put down for your prepairation, and information.

Musiconia is a uncureable disease that is almost like the victim is addicted to drugs, but instead it's music. Depending on the severity, you could:

Listens to music when given chance.
Can survive 3 days without it. (Withdrawl Sympoms: Mild Tempor.)

Becomes Impatient when not listening to music.
Can survive 1 day without music. (Wihdrawl Symptoms: Mild Mood swings, & Slight Fatigue.)

Begging for music.
Can survive 3 hours without music. (Withdrawl Symptoms: Headache, Fatigue, & Moderate Mood Swings.)

Will die for music.
If music stops for 1 second, victim will freak out.
Can Survive 1 hour without any form of musical sound whatsover. (Withdrawl Symptoms: Headache, Fatigue, Wild Mood Swings, Negative Adrenalin, Little Contol of Body, Anxiety, Hyperventilation, & Whining.)

A prevention sound is available - white noise works for anyone who has mild or no musiconia condition.

There is also Musiconia A, B, and C. C is transfered through genetics, while the others are transferred through sharing headphones, ear peices, or any kind of object used for the ears that is shared. C is always most severe, and least preventable. While A is cureable, B is not, and is rare. B is transferred through type M Pausite Blood, as well, B is almost completely unnoticeable by both the victim and anyone else.

So please, protect your family and yourself by listening to white or pink noise once a day.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - September 7th, 2007

This story was first proposed as a flash, but due to lack of skill it has been remade into a story.

Words or Titles in Bold are important events or hints to interesting tricks.


Saturday, October 14th, 2007
I was watching the news channel like usual, at 11:00 am, when a mysterious report caught my attention. "Yesterday," the anchor informed. "A man was found crawling out of a window, looking deeply ill, sources have confirmed that the man lives at the house in the sighting, and that he has a wide social life, sources have also cofirmed he has been acting unusual lately. he was then brought to hospital after being sighted downtown. He is now at Jamesvillle General Hospital in serious condit-" I flicked the TV off for I had lost interest after veiwing the top story, as usual. It was time for me to go to the public swimming pool for a bit and work out. So I grabbed my swim bag and went off on my bike.

About 7 minutes later, I arrived at the Pool, I walked inside. To my misfortune, the pool was closed. "Why is the pool closed?" I questioned the man at the counter. "Some people came in and became ill, they vomited all over the deck and in the pool, and started to fight with each other." The man responded. Apauled by the awnser, I didn't even think about the news story. So, I just left.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - August 23rd, 2007

It was soo amasing! They played soo good! At one point they were asking the audience a question, and I stood up on my chair to awnser it, but I wasn't picked. I advise you goto a linkin park concert because it is always AWESOME!!!!

PS: Sorry about posting late, I was busy with other issues.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - August 19th, 2007

At 8/19/07 10:17 PM, NightCrawler wrote:
: I've been on Newgrounds for quite some time, and I've established myself to be a 26 year old pastry chef that lives in NYC. Unfortunately this is not true.
: The truth is that I'm to this day only 10 years old. :'(
: I still live with my parents, and I'm soon to be going into middle school.
: I just wanted to apologize to everyone and especially Zerok. He made this thread for me last year on my 9th birthday. I made him believe I had turned 25 though.
: I'm sorry, please forgive me.

This stuck the Newgrounds BBS with a shock. And left many feeling disturbed, and even disgusted. Nightcrawler will never be seen the same way again, and may become "Newgrounds' Biggest Liar."
We will all remember this day, as the day the Night became clear, clear to all the BBS users that one of the most famous poster's social BBS life was fake.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - August 18th, 2007

WHOOO! The Project Revoluton Tour is Coming to Toronto! Ima be there in the best seats! The concert has Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM, Placebo, The Bled, Julien K, Mindless Self Endulgence, and more! I cant wait!

Posted by NewWorldProductions - July 26th, 2007

Inspired by a dream, this film will will be a blockbuster of the NG portal.

Shuttle Mission is the newest brainchild by NewWorldProductions, also being the first film to show off the new preloader.

Offline, a man named Thomas Fibbian (veiwer of many NG films,) spoke with NewWorldProductions Manager Mr. Dani Redd, about the new film. Below is the transcript of the "interweiw."

Tom: So, Dani Redd, can I call you Dani?
Dan: Dan is fine,
Tom: Ok, Dan, are there any new creations coming Newgrounds' way from you this year?
Dan: Funny you should ask, i just started working on a film a few weeks ago for Newgrounds, mostly to celebrate the new layout, and to put one of my ideas to the test,
Tom: Can you give us some specs on the film?
Dan: Sure, the name is Shuttle Mission, I will be using my brand new preloader in it, and the stage size is default, im using a new animation style, with only pre-built symbols and tweening.
Tom: Exciting, anything else?
Dan: Most NG veiwers will notice the space shuttle is different than the ones NASA has, for 2 main reasons: 1, Copyright, and 2, Choice of Differntiality. I couldn't name the shuttle Atlantis, Discovery, or Endevor because it is copyrighted by the the Jet Propulsion Laberatory of NASA. Secondly, me being a citizen of Canada, I want to theme my shuttle as if Canada had built it and were the ones launching them. So, on the wings, the name of the shuttle is Atlas, and the flag is the Canadian Flag.
Tom: Thank you for the interesting information on your newest film.
Dan: Always a pleasure Tom.

The reason this was not placed into the NG Alphas is because this was a real interveiw and the question criteria is different than the standard questions from the NG Mag.

NWP's Newest Short Film - Shuttle Mission

Posted by NewWorldProductions - July 24th, 2007

Well, i haven't been on NG in about a month, and today, at 12:11 PM Eastern Time. i got my first look at the new layout! the new NG (in my opinion) is 10 times better than the old NG. With more interactive tools and features, it makes Newgrounds into a Flash site, as well as a User Community! We should all thank TomFulp and the NG staff for planning this great system!