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SUMMARY OF MY LIFE Raised in Oakville, ON, Canada. Then I moved to glorious Toronto, then somehow landed a position in a medical campus (Highschool AND College) in Sydney, NSW, Australia. My life is carried in the winds... Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie!

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Posted by NewWorldProductions - March 17th, 2008

Wow, it sure took me a long time to get off my ass and post this. Okay. So I was married a while back. And you missed out! HA HA HAHA HA (jokes)! Anyways, no honeymoon cuz sydney can't be beat when it comes to an exotic honeymoon. Oh, would you guys like to see the invitation card we planned? this was done on the PC, but we later made it onto a card with a few changes. Ill post more stuff when I can get it together. We're all out of sorts now.

Below is a picture of the wedding card we planned out. We had to change some things due to the fact the card publisher had better resources.

The Marrige

Posted by NewWorldProductions - March 5th, 2008

On Friday, March 7th, 2008. At 12:00. I will be married to a beautiful girl named Ellen Straine (maiden name), in a beautiful chapel in downtown Canberra. We'll then be driving back to Sydney to have an after party.

Anyways, this is a big moment in my life.

PS: I only want to share certain information because my firend was "raided" at his wedding by complete strangers :P

Posted by NewWorldProductions - February 24th, 2008

I made a new website called Dan World after my forum. Anyways, that's it. Hope to see you on the site!

Posted by NewWorldProductions - February 9th, 2008

I made a forum. It's pretty much a little place to hang out in. We need your help of populating it though. We have mods and admins with experience on a list to be given power. Contests, VIP Shit, awesomeness, and of course, lots more!

Join us now!


Tha Dan Land :: We're leet, and 100% Win.


Tha Dan Land

Posted by NewWorldProductions - February 4th, 2008

Well alot of people rant about whatever, and I find it fun. Im not gonna start off with a rant but link to some good rants you might wanna check out. Im linking tothem because some of the facts and opinions shared in these rants are usually exactly like mine. These rants were filmed by Bite TV and shared by Jason Agnew. I would also suggest you see some of his other work if you like this. He is the narrator of a canadian show called 'Stars Gone Wild' on Much Music.

Okay, because of the site I cant give you the link. But you go to Bitetv.ca and click on 'Videos'. Then Go to the drop down menu provided and select 'Jay's Rants'

Now I'm sorry to all of the people expecting a rant but I seemed to have spent too much time trying to find these rants and I will start a rant tomorrow when I have gotten another veiw of our shitty world.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - January 29th, 2008

Yes, but not the crazy ass half the world trip like last time. I moved from a small temporary house in the sydney suburbs to an elegant, penthouse condo (thanks to some new jobs in the family AND an apprenticesip with one of sydney's best doctors). In downtown sydney, I can see the operahouse, the ocean, and my old home from the spectacular veiw!

No pics cuz I dont have a camera anymore cuz my GF "abused" it with arousing pics which were found by my rat brother who told my before-stressed parents who took away my beloved camera blah blah blah...

Anyways, Im glad cuz I can also see the airport which is one of the world's buisiest.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - January 1st, 2008

Yes, it's new years day. And as I was browsing the topics made in the general forum, it happened, the post, that one post that almost killed me. Level 1, three posts in total, signup date: 2008. Right away I X'd out my browser and thought over things, then realising the lack of sleep and partying I had last night, I realised it was new years day, a great day for the world, but not for NG. Origionally being an '04 user, the new year on newgrounds means new unexperienced users that will be hated for the remainder of the year. I have one thing to say to all of you more experienced users: Run, hide, survive. This user was posting at the stereotypical standard.

Of course it could just be an alt trying to piss everyone off, but it's better to take percautions.

: sadly i was banned for clone posting in the "I Just Became Admin on.." thread for saying both just like
: everyone else.

NG Apocalypse '08

Posted by NewWorldProductions - December 10th, 2007

We'll I'll explain

It was a normal school day, today our first class was gym. We were doing our normal exercises (20 Regular pushups, 10 "Hard" Pushups, playing position, and lungeing), and so we went through the pushups, the playing position, and when we were doing lunges, I started to feel nautious, so I asked my gym teacher if I could sit out. So I was walking to the bench, then suddenly everything went black, I heard weird sounds, and I saw flashing lights and funny colours. I open my eyes to find myself on the ground with everyone around me, and my gym teacher pretty much scared half to death. I passed out, so the principal calls my mom and an ambulence, and I spend 5 hours in a hospital room with an IV hooked up to me. Having doctors do small tests on my heart and brain. I'm okay now, but pretty much all of my classmates are worried about me, Im still waiting to get a call back from my girlfriend. And I haven't been back to school yet, so tomorrow's gonna be a pretty hecktic day.

Dont ask for pics cuz I dont have a camera anymore.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - November 19th, 2007

"The Offer Was Enormous"

I have been given the chance of a lifetime to start training in Australia as a doctor! The offer was enormous, including the flight, a home (not full pay), and other essentials. I dont wanna spill the juicey info until later because I'm too busy unpacking and doing some future planning, but I'll still come on newgrounds, guys!

PS: My Family and I had to pay for alot of it, more then 10k. They were even able to hook my dad up with a temporary job while he tries to find something a little more suitable.

Posted by NewWorldProductions - November 16th, 2007

Yeah, okay, I'm a '07 user, but I have had many accounts before (I lose passwords very easily). Anywho, some '07 users are more intelligent than your average '04 user (for many reasons). I have spent at least 3 month's worth of my time on newgrounds reading NG literature and Travelling old posts, I've gone to immence lengths to find the older Newgrounds layouts and sites for information!

So take it from me, '07 users (if they want to) can be just like the rest of us older, "more experienced" users.

: PS, I really was in older accounts (remember The-Flasha-2000 or gameandwatch_co? They were both older accounts of mine that were deleted due to innactivity (as I said I lose passwords REAL easily, I'll probably lose the password to this one soon.)